Eclipse Budo

Traditional Japanese martial arts in Victoria BC

We are a traditional aikido dojo in Victoria, BC. Instruction is led by two 4th degree black belts with combined experience of more than 50 years of training.

Aikido Classes Victoria BC

Aikido Classes

Aikido classes include empty-hand and weapons training (sword, staff, knife).

  • Training is on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • Due to the pandemic, currently we are doing “social distance” training which means solo exercises (including weapons).
  • All training sessions are conducted outside at this time.

Please contact for details.


About Us

Eclipse Budo is affiliated with Calgary Aikikai.

  • Inclusive Community
  • Gender Equality



“Sensei teaches in an easy-to-learn methodical fun way. He is always encouraging. Sensei breaks everything into segments and his examples are everyday things you can relate to. Studying with him increased my alertness, focus, concentration, memory and balance. It gave me a sense of inner power and made me ‘walk taller’.”

— M. S., Age 70